Brisbane iPhone 6s Plus Repair

6 Month Warranty

Trained Technicians 

A+ Grade Guaranteed Parts

Quickfix gives our customers premium grade guaranteed screens for all 6s Plus screen repairs. Our technicians are equiped with all the necessary tools and skills to complete screen repairs within 45 minutes, so that your Quickfix experience is fast and of great value. Our staff make sure that your iphone is perfect with our 5 step checking process. Click here to book your repair today.

Price: $230

The big long lasting iPhone 6s plus batterys run with a lot of energy and Quickfix recognises that sometimes they just dont want to last. Our Brisbane iphone 6s Plus battery repairs with premium grade parts allow you to have full battery life in your iphone again. If your battery isn’t working the way it should.  Click here to book your repair today.

Price: $65

Quickfix’s Brisbane iPhone 6s Plus home button repairs make it easy to have full access to your phone again. We provide the best quality premium grade parts so that your iPhone 6s Plus will work perfectly straight after our technicians complete your repair. Your repair will be finished within 30 minutes after we receive the device.  Click here to book your repair today.

Price: $70

Your iphone 6s Plus charge port can easily get clogged with grime and become completely destroyed to the point where your iPhone wont charge. Quickfix offers a great value solution to that problem that will see your phone to be working in no time. Our incredible technicians will finish the repair within 60 minutes after drop off.  Click here to book your repair today.

Price: $70

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